The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | Best World News

The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

we all know CEO’s make a lot of money they’ve climbed the company ladder to get the fancy office and dedicated parking spot or in some cases, their parents have handed the position over to them that being said being the CEO of the world’s biggest company doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the highest-paid Jeff Bezos is known by many as the world’s richest man and yes but his base salary as a CEO is only $81840 per year.

Today we’re going to take a look at the world’s highest-paid CEO’s some of which may surprise you and many of whom you may have never heard of we’ll take a look at their climb to the role of CEO and see exactly how much money they earn.

The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 Details:

Shantanu Narayan
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020

Number 10. Shantanu Narayan

If you work in any creative field chances are you’re paying this man’s salary every time you open the software on your computer Shantanu Narayan is the current CEO of adobe in 2019 his total CEO compensation was 39.1 million dollars the annual company revenue is 11.2 billion with a median employee salary of $147,115 which means the total CEO compensation is 266 times higher than that of the average employees pay so how did he come to make so much money he grew up in India and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering.

Shantanu Narayan Salary
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

He moved to the united states of America to receive his MBA from the University of California Berkeley and quickly got started on his career and man did he hit it out of the park right away Shantanu first big job was at the apple he moved on to work for silicon graphics as the director of desktop and collaboration products after working for silicon graphics he climbed the ranks until he accepted a job at adobe in 1998 as senior vice president of worldwide product research his hard work paid off because he was promoted to CEO in late 2007.

The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

Under his guidance adobe rose to become a fortune 400 company and has had an increase in revenue every year there are not many details about Shantanu and his family he’s very private about his personal life tries his best to keep out of the spotlight.

Bill McDermott
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020

Number 9. Bill McDermott.

Bill Mcdermott is a CEO, I honestly hadn’t heard of before this list which is rather surprising considering the circles I tend to run into although I must admit I’m not huge in the tech scene and bill McDermott certainly is as the CEO of Software Company ServiceNow Bill’s annual CEO compensation is 41.7 million dollars compared to the median employee’s salary of 223.000 which is actually the second-highest amount on your list that being said service now makes 3.5 billion dollars annually.

Bill McDermott Salary
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

So it seems like they can definitely afford it bill got his start in business at a young age at 16 he made his first investment when he bought a delicatessen in long island the deli cost him seven thousand dollars and it hugely influenced his life he studied business at Dowling college and while he was there, he continued to run the deli using that money to pay off his schooling using your own business to pay for business school.

That’s a pretty cool move if you ask me he went on to go to North Weston for management and after that, he dug his heels in and looked for bigger and better jobs he landed at xerox for 17 years working in a variety of jobs before he switched over to be the executive vice president of cyber systems in 2002 he was appointed as the CEO of sap America a software company based in Germany by 2014.

He moved on to become the CEO of sap as a whole becoming the very first American to do so he was extremely successful there increasing the market value from 39 billion to 159 billion dollars though he got his fill of sap after a few years he switched over to service now and became CEO and one might even wonder if it was the salary that brought him to the company.

Lachlan Murdoch
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020

Number 8. Lachlan Murdoch.

Surprisingly all of the CEOs on our list are self-made except for Lachlan Murdoch the current CEO of fox corporation Lachlan’s total CEO compensation in 2019 was 42.1 million and the annual company revenue of fox is 11.4 billion Lachlan was born into ultra wealth his father Rupert Murdoch founded news corporation because of this Lachlan grew up bouncing between living in new york city and attending school in aspen.

Lachlan Murdoch Salary
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Princeton in philosophy though he didn’t have to use it at all when he was 18 he was flown to Australia to meet with his dad and trained at the daily mirror at 22 he became the general manager of Queensland newspapers he kept going in the media business just like his father and became the publisher of the Australian, Australia’s first national newspaper in 1995.

The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

He was appointed deputy CEO of news limited and his role climbed year after year in 1996 he became executive director in 2000 he became deputy chief operating officer then he went on to become executive vice president and then chairman in his role as VP he was influenced by a friend to invest in one tower, unfortunately, the investment was doomed to fail and was criticized highly by his workers the company ended up failing and Murdoch had agreed to a 40 million dollar settlement in 2005.

Shortly after this he abruptly stepped down from his role he then founded a private investment company called Illyria pty which invested in dozens of companies including nova entertainment in 2014 he returned to the family business becoming the co-chairman of news corporation his role there only lasted a year before he took on an even bigger role the executive chairman of 21st-century fox and when the fox was bought out by Disney in 2019 he was named that CEO of fox corporation where he remains to this day.

Satya Nadella
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020

Number 7. Satya Nadella.

Microsoft is a company you’ve probably heard of but you may not have heard of Satya Nadella the current CEO his 2019 CEO compensation was a whopping 42.9 million dollars while the median employee earns a hundred and seventy-two thousand five hundred and twelve dollars a year. Satya was born in India and went to the monopole institute of technology where he received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering he then made the leap to the united states where he went to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and certainly froze his tail off.

Satya Nadella Salary
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

He started his career at sun microsystems then joined Microsoft in 1992. his role in Microsoft was important immediately he led major projects mainly the big move to cloud computing the cloud revenue grew from 16.5 billion to 20.3 billion under him alone he served as the senior vice president of research and development for the online services division.

Later he became the president of Microsoft server and tools business division in 2014 he made the big leap to CEO the third in the company’s history at the time his annual salary was seven hundred thousand dollars though it has grown since then he’s made big moves as CEO his first acquisition was Mojang the game company known for Minecraft which costs about 2.5 billion dollars he also purchased LinkedIn for 26.2 billion and GitHub for 7.5 billion.

Miguel Patricio
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020

Number 6. Miguel Patricio.

Perhaps the most secretive CEO on our list Miguel Patricio is the CEO of a pretty well-known company craft Heinz the total CEO compensation for him in 2016 was 43.3 million dollars while the median employee’s salary was only $42,689 making his compensation 1014 times higher Miguel was born in Portugal but moved to brazil to get a business degree from a university in Sao Paulo he cycled through many companies during his career including Philip morris Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson’s working in exclusively executive roles.

Miguel Patricio Salary
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

He moved on to Anheuser-Busch for two decades where he eventually became the chief marketing officer and served in that role for six years after that he moved on to craft Heinz as CEO where he currently resides and makes some pretty dang good money.

David Zaslav
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020

Number 5. David Zaslav.

We all know tv is a money maker but surprisingly David Zaslav is the only person in the industry on this list as the CEO of discovery his total 2019 CEO compensation was 45.8 million dollars. A 2 million leap from Miguel Patricio, David was born in new york and attended Boston university school of law surprisingly he worked as an attorney for a short time before switching paths and working for NBC universal for 20 years.

David Zaslav Salary
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

His main role was as the president of the cable and domestic television where he oversaw content distribution this included controlling channels like bravo the weather channel USA network and the history channel and sundance he then made the move to discovery as their CEO in January 2007 and the company began trading as a public company for the first time just a year later his role as CEO has indeed made an impact on discovery.

He helped begin a 12-year relationship with PGA tour earning the live rights to all of their content and that’s a lot of content over 2 000 hours per year during his role they’ve aired some of the most well-known and best-received programs such as planet earth and frozen planet basically a lot of planet related content he also launched investigation discovery which was one of the faster-growing cable networks in the united states mainly to anyone who likes murder mysteries.

John C Plant
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020

Number 4. John C Plant.

The oldest CEO on our list john c plant has been in the business for a while and he certainly serves as the CEO of Hawmet aerospace where he makes a good chunk of change his 2019 compensation was 51.7 million dollars compared to the median employee salary of $55,497 he’s worked in automotive industries in leadership roles for years and years he was the president of Lucas verity automotive a UK-based automotive parts company when Lucas verity was acquired by TRW automotive.

John C Plant Salary
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

John became the chairman he was successful at TRW for years under his leadership TRW employed more than 65 000 people in over 190 facilities TRW was then acquired by CF Friedrich Schufen and you may be seeing a pattern here after TRW was out john became the CEO of yet another company Arconic Incorporated for two years he then moved on to helmet aerospace which is an aerospace company that manufactures jet engines and other aerospace components.

Lisa Su
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020

Number 3. Lisa Su.

The first woman on the list Lisa Suu has made her way in a tough industry and worked hard to rise through the ranks she’s the current CEO of advanced micro devices which is a company you’ve probably never heard of but you probably use their products every day in 2019 her total CEO compensation was 58.5 million dollars compared to the median employee salary of ninety-six thousand eight hundred and seventy-four dollars.

Lisa Su Salary
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

Lisa was born in Taiwan and immigrated to the united states at the age of three at such a young age she was interested in math and technology and her parents fostered her learning at 10 years old she frequently took apart her brother’s radio-controlled cars and put them back together again she then went on to MIT deciding on electrical engineering because she believed it to be the hardest engineering course there she earned her master’s and her Ph.D.

The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

Her first job was as part of the technical staff at texas instruments then she moved on to IBM where she served as the vice president of their semiconductor research and development center which is about exciting as it sounds there she played a vital role in changing and developing new materials to be used in semiconductor chips her work didn’t go unnoticed she became the technical assistant to IBM’s CEO.

Then became the director of emerging products after a few more job hops she became the general manager of advanced micro devices a semiconductor company that develops computer processes when she became the CEO she encouraged the company to diversify when she started only 10 of the company’s sales came from non-pc markets by 2015. 40 came from non-pc markets primarily from the video game industry.

Bob Swann
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020

Number 2. Bob Swann.

If you want to see someone who’s worked in about every role there is bob Swann the current CEO of Intel is your man in 2019 his CEO compensation was a startling 66.9 million dollars compared to the median employee salary of $96300. Bob has taken on more roles than anyone, I know he worked at general electric in dozens of senior finance roles over a 15-year period he became the CEO of GE transportation systems then the vice president of GE medical systems in Europe after that he was the VP of finance then the CFO of GE lighting.

Bob Swann Salary
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

Finally, he was ready to make a move on from GE he then became the CFO of Webb van until the company went under even after that he managed to move on to Northrop Grumman space and mission systems corporations as their CFO after that he was the CFO of hp enterprise services and the CFO of eBay so basically he’s gotten around in a few different industries he eventually went on to become the CEO of intel in 2018.

Sundar Pichai
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020

Number 1. Sundar Pichai.

The highest-paid CEO in the world Sundar Pichai had a startling 2019 compensation of 280.6 million dollars more than four times the amount of the runner-up the median employee’s salary at alphabet his company is two hundred and fifty-eight thousand seven hundred and eight dollars a year the highest amount on our list soon dog got a metallurgical engineering degree from the Indian Institute of technology.

Sundar Pichai Salary
The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

Then got his ms from Stanford and his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania he started working at Google in 2004 as a material engineer where he led product management and innovation for google chrome there he oversaw important developments such as Gmail, Google Maps and Android which led him to rise even higher in the ranks and in 2019.

He became the CEO of alphabet incorporated he’s known for being even-tempered empathetic and thoughtful in his role as CEO he received a 96 approval rating from his employees which is incredibly high he’s known for speaking very little in meetings and allowing others to speak contributing only after others have said their peace so there you have it the 10 highest-paid CEOs what do you think are they a little bit overpaid or do you think they should be making more.

The World’s Highest Paid CEO’s in 2020 | World News

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