05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

The massive mountains in quaint towns have hauling spins such a draw for me and I must admit my Aspen getaway is where I like to be most out of any of my properties there’s just something special about the air sights and sounds of Colorado that makes me want to return time and time again,

05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado Details:

Today we’re going to take a look at the most expensive homes in Colorado and see all the luxury views and amenities they have to offer.

2900 West Buttermilk Road Aspen View
05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

5. 2900 West Buttermilk Road, Aspen

It should come as no surprise that many of the most expensive properties are located in Aspen and I’ve had the pleasure of visiting several of them, however, I haven’t had a chance to visit 2900 West Buttermilk Road which rings in and $50,000,000 the 10 bedrooms 13 bathroom property spans an incredible 17,000,644 square feet and is set on 61 acres in a place where land is this beautiful that alone is remarkably tucked up away in the mountains.

2900 West Buttermilk Road Aspen View
05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

The home allows you to ski in and out meaning the slopes are right outside your front door the entire home boasts vaulted ceilings and wood touches which allow the massive rooms to still feel cozy and Canon like all the bedrooms have stunning views of the snow-capped mountains fireplaces and ensuite bathrooms with soaking tubs rainfall showers and granite countertops.

2900 West Buttermilk Road Aspen Size
05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

The home features a large wine cellar with enough wine to last you the apocalypse but that isn’t the only bit of fun included in the home there’s a cigar lounge should a Billiards Table and a Theater Room and of course an Outdoor Area with a Large Fireplace a hot tub and a heated pool these are made to be used year-round so you can easily transition from hitting the slopes to relaxing in the pool at night there’s also a caretaker home behind the house which allows you to have staff all hours of the day and a full-sized garage fit for you to work on vehicles or store them .

Woody Creek, Colorado
05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

4. Woody Creek, Colorado

The next term on our list was originally put up for sale for Aniston 88 Million Dollars but has since been reduced to 52 Million amazing that it as a 36 Million Dollar price cut and is still the fourth most expensive home in Colorado the home is located in Woody Creek at an undisclosed address and little is known about the details of the home, however, the house is set on 812 acres which are almost double the size of Disneyland and California Adventure combined.

Woody Creek, Colorado Long
05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

However the only Castle, you’ll be found here is the 7,649 square foot home with a farmhouse style design the home is a working ranch with horse barns pastures, and wells that provide all you need for your livestock the home was built in 2009 and has several bedrooms and recreational rooms including a media room and is Navajo blankets on the ceiling the house also features leather floors reclaimed antique wood ceilings in copper bathtubs throughout the living spaces there’s even an outdoor term where you can relax and look out over your land.

1220 Watson Divided Road
05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

3. 1220 Watson Divided Road

Snow mass for Pete’s Ranch four peaks ranch located at 12:20 Watson divide road in snow masses the house I wish I had purchased I’m not gonna lie to you it’s my favorite home on the list and I’m sure you can see why this fabulous property cost 58.5 Million Dollars and in my opinion, it’s worth every penny the 18,000 square foot home has 876 acres to explore which includes 15 miles of private horseback riding trails throughout the mountains.

1220 Watson Divided Road Worth
05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

Now there are 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms in this home they’re stunning with private decks beautiful views and fireplaces the bathrooms have rainfall showers vanity areas his-and-hers sinks and soaking tubs with floor-to-ceiling windows while the bedrooms and bathrooms are luxurious they are not what interests me the most in this house this home has perhaps the coolest outdoor areas I’ve ever seen.

1220 Watson Divided Road View
05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

There’s a pond with a private beach and cabana the beach has a grotto with three separate pools and waterfalls and there’s even an indoor and outdoor pool if you’re looking to relax even more there’s a mountain labyrinth where you can walk and meditate your troubles away the home also has an impressive cutting green to outdoor kitchens and a furnished teepee with heat if you feel like relaxing under the stars for the night there are more fun features inside as well as an underground pool with a star feature an Indoor Gym a home theater a sauna and a chemotherapy tub

115 Francisco Way Telluride, Colorado
05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

2. 115 Francisco Way Telluride, Colorado

12 minutes from the historic town of teller IDE you’ll find this 7 bedrooms 11 bath home set on 300 acres of Rolling Meadows mountains and bubbling streams the home was made extensively with local timber and stone creating a cabin-like feel even with the extreme amount of opulence.

The home was previously owned by Tom Cruise in Nicole Kidman if that gives you an idea of exactly how incredible the home and property is there are a few photos of the interior but the home is known to have a fitness center a full library a recreational room and in the elevator, the house also has a private helipad which allows the owner to slink in and out of the property with ease there’s also a guest house with three bedrooms and three baths.

155 and 200 Saban Drive Aspen, Colorado
05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

1. 155 and 200 Saban Drive Aspen, Colorado

The most expensive home in Colorado goes to 155 and 200 Saban Drive in Aspen which costs 65 Million Dollars known locally as the summit house the property includes two homes with the main house covering 18,000 square feet the guest home is another 4,150 square feet which are double the size of the average American home and include a wraparound deck.

155 and 200 Saban Drive Aspen, Colorado Size
05 Most Expensive Homes In Colorado

With that being said you’ll certainly want to use the wraparound deck the home sits on the top of Red Mountain giving undisturbed views of all the ski slopes in the Aspen the kitchen and living room open onto the deck giving you a chance to wander between the gourmet kitchen with a large stone fireplace and the large deck outside similar views and windows are carried throughout the home into the dining room the bar and lounge and even the bedrooms there’s even a spiral staircase it’ll lead you to the rec room and the wine cellar so there you have it the most expensive homes in Colorado.

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