05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

Society has come a long way and architecture has improved right alongside it the great pyramid of Giza had the distinction of being the tallest building on earth for over 3,800 years after that there was a long span where the world’s tallest buildings were all religious institutions and churches but not anymore now the tallest buildings have nightclubs five-star restaurants and massive clocks inside of them.

05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World Details:

Today we’re going to take a look at the five tallest skyscrapers on earth we’ll see exactly what they have to offer why they were built and how much it cost to make these mega structures.

Lotte World Tower, Seoul
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

5. Lotte World Tower, Seoul

It is one of my absolute favorite cities but I haven’t yet had the pleasure of exploring its tallest building and the fifth tallest building in the world lot world tower construction began on the building back in 2010 and it wasn’t completed until 2017 when it was opened in a massive ceremony that involved fireworks and an led light show.

Lotte World Tower View
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

Lotte World Tower is 123 stories high and 1,824 feet tall about 20 stories and 400 feet taller than the empire state building the total construction cost 2.5 Billion Dollars and when you look at the building’s construction it’s easy to see why the foundation was cast with a 30-hour concrete placement that used 5,300 cement trucks pouring ready-mix concrete there are core walls in the center of the tower as well as eight mega columns.

Lotte World Tower Rooms
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

60% of the tower load is supported by the core walls while the other 40% is supported by the mega columns the building itself was designed with traditional Korean art forms in mind including calligraphy ceramics and porcelain the curved structure of the building is futuristic but definitely harkens back to the curvature of traditional art forms but inside there’s nothing old about the building.

The first 10 floors belong to the lot world mall which includes a lot concert hall a venue that can seat up to 2,000 people, in addition, there’s a kid park a Jazz Bar, and the most exciting of all a massive aquarium the aquarium has over 55,000 marine animals including 650 different species things get a little more boring as you move up in floors at least for a little bit floors 14 through 38 are offices floors 42 through 71 house private residences which accounts for about 260 apartments with stunning views of the city floor.

Lotte World Tower Feets
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

Floor 72 through 101 are home to the lot hotel a 260 room hotel which is called a seven-star hotel by some floors 105 through 114 are private offices although I have to say I can’t imagine working on the 100th floor of a building point of view during your lunch break, I’d imagine but floors 117 through 123 are the real spectacle, however, there you’ll find a Seoul Sky a multi-story recreational area with a dedicated observation deck at the time the building was made.

It was the highest glass-bottom observatory in the world these floors have telescopes a sky terrace a lounge bar and multiple media rooms.

Ping An Financial Center
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

4. Ping An Financial Center

Located a quick flight away from Shenzhen, China Ping An Financial Center is the fourth tallest building in the world clocking in at 1965 feet with 118 floors as impressive as that is the building was actually supposed to be even taller, however, it was paired down due to aviation concerns as the name implies.

Ping An Financial Center Views
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

Ping An Financial Center was built primarily by and for Ping An Insurance construction began in 2009 but wasn’t completed until April of 2015. these megastructures do require a bit of time after all this isn’t Minecraft or Skyrim or whatever that building game is that the kids like to play there are 33 double-deck elevators that service the many guests of the building.

The Crown Jewel that brings most tourists to the building is the free sky an observation deck that is 116 stories high or 1844 feet above the streets their guests can see a 360-degree view of Shenzhen after taking a quick 55-second elevator ride to the top. The fun section aside the majority of Ping An Financial Center is office space 15 and 500 employees work in the offices that span several of the floors there are large conference halls presentation theaters and dozens of businesses that call the skyscraper home.

Ping An Financial Center View
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

In addition to the main building there is a separate building known as the South Tower the South Tower is home to a Five-Star Hotel and connects to the Ping An Financial Center via retail bridges which are located on the third through the sixth floor.

Abraj Albeit Clock Tower
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

3. Abraj Albeit Clock Tower

When you think of the most impressive wealthy and prosperous cities in the middle east chances are your mind drifts to Dubai or Riyadh they seem like the cities that would be most likely to have super tall skyscrapers and you’re not wrong we’ll be visiting a skyscraper in Dubai later on our list, however, number three is located in a city that few think of as modern in fact the name of the city alone brings back thoughts of ancient times and thoughts of pilgrimages.

Abraj Albeit Clock Tower View
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

That all being said Abraj Albeit Clock Tower is the third tallest building on earth and it’s located in mecca the building is part of a group of seven skyscrapers which include mainly hotels and is 1972 feet tall and though the building complex is stunning, it wasn’t created without controversy it is located only meters away from the holiest site in mecca which is the holiest location in the world to several religions.

It overlooks the great mosque of mecca about to be built an 18th century Ottoman Citadel known as the Azyad Fortress was demolished this caused quite a stir from thousands of people who thought it was immoral to demolish such a historically significant building so what was so important that the original building had to be demolished well for starters a giant clock at the top of the tower.

Abraj Albeit Clock Tower Night View
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

The world’s largest clock overlooks the land the clock face is visible from 16 miles away the four faces measure 141 feet in diameter with 75-foot long minute hands and 56-foot long hour hands the faces are illuminated by Two Million ultra-bright red lights and are surrounded by a Gold Facade Arabic words that translate to God is the Greatest is scrawled above the clocks and the building was primarily made for just that reason during holy days thousands and thousands of people make the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Abraj Albeit Clock Tower Hotel
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

The buildings mainly serve as hotels to house these people including a five-star hotel by Fairmount Hotels and resorts in addition to those hotel rooms there are also two large prayer rooms one for men and one for women that can hold more than ten thousand people on the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s a five-story shopping mall.

If you’re looking to get a new pair of sneakers on the four top floors is a clock museum which is actually more exciting than it sounds there’s a public viewing deck directly below the massive clock faces hovering 1,831 feet above the ground and providing stunning views of the city all in all the building has a more exciting distinction than just having the world’s biggest clocks it is one of the most expensive buildings ever made with the total construction cost of 15 Billion Dollars.

Shanghai Tower
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

2. Shanghai Tower

The second tallest building on earth also claims to be the greenest Shanghai Tower located in you guessed it Shanghai, China, it’s a 128 story building that’s an incredible 2,073 feet above the streets the total construction cost was 2.4 Billion Dollars and for all that, they got quite a lot of real estate the building is broken up into nine separate zones that are divided between office retail and leisure space all these separate zones are enclosed in an inner glass layer.

Between that inner layer and the outer layer, there are Nine areas that serve as public space for visitors which includes Massive Gardens Atriums Cafes Restaurants, and Retail space, a common pastime for visitors is to grab a coffee at one of the many cafes and have a nice leisurely look over the city and it was certainly worth the wait.

Shanghai Tower View
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

Construction began in 2008 and the building wasn’t finished until 2013 and it certainly was worth the wait it took another three years before the observation deck was even open and when you look at everything creating this building entailed it makes a lot of sense there are 107 elevators and the building itself twists at a 120-degree angle which was done to reduce wind loads although it also looks pretty.

Shanghai Tower top View
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

9-10% of the electricity used is generated by one field of windmills the water used is a combination of collected rainwater and reused wastewater the heating and cooling system in the massive structure uses 40 different energy-saving measures which the developers claim cut its annual carbon footprint by 34,000 metric tons in the building.

J Hotel
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

There are dozens of businesses J-Hotel Shangai is the highest hotel in the world with a penthouse on the 109th floor, the 102nd through the 104th floor are home to themed restaurants and luxury restaurants alike throughout the several stories, there are boutique shops spas fitness centers businesses and office spaces throughout the world’s highest bookstore is also located on the 53rd and 54th floor and on the 37th floor is an, even more, niche title winner the world’s highest traditional Chinese garden.

The Burj Khalifa
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

1. The Burj Khalifa

The tallest building on earth is none other than the Burj Khalifa located in Dubai, The Burj Khalifa was part of a large plan to diversify the United Arab Emirates economy straying away from the oil-based economy that has been standard for decades and the result a 2,722-foot tall building at the center of a large-scale mixed-use development space which includes 30,000 new Homes, Nine Hotels a Large Mall and Three Hectares of Parkland for Reference.

The Burj Khalifa Rooms
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

Its height of 2722 feet is half a mile and surprisingly this building is one of the cheapest on our list costing only 1.5 Billion Dollars when the building was unveiled in 2010, there was a giant ceremony that included 10,000 Fireworks Light Beams and Water Effects from the fountain at the base of the tower.

The Burj Khalifa Feets
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

I was fortunate enough to be present at the time and let me tell you no one knows how to party like the city of Dubai, the unique design of the building was inspired by historic Islamic architecture and the construction includes 57 elevators and eight escalators as well as 24,348 windows, this building is also home to the World’s Highest Nightclub.

The Burj Khalifa Club
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

It has a residency at this club is located on the 144th floor of the Burj al-Arab and like any other nightclub the Armani offers ladies nights which brings wealthy individuals from all around the city a few stories down on the 122nd floor you’ll find the world’s highest restaurant there are sky lobbies on the 43rd and 76th floors which have swimming pools that give incredible views of the city.

The Burj Khalifa Hotel
05 Most Tallest Skyscraper in the World

I tell you that the 76th-floor pool is a spectacle indeed there are 900 residential apartments multiple observation decks and hotels inside the Burj Khalifa inviting tourists from around the world to enjoy just what Dubai has to offer so there you have it the tallest skyscrapers on earth which one should we go visit for the weekend.

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